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Boulder Opal, Diamond & Tourmaline Necklace 14Kt Yellow Gold 4.37 ctw

A gorgeous solid 1.65 carat boulder opal is featured in this designer necklace that also includes a pair of top quality neon blue/green baguette cut tourmalines and a round brilliant diamond. The boulder opal is a rated A1 as noted by the lighting flashes of orange, blue and green that form beautiful striped or patched designs.

The highly sought neon blue/green tourmalines, weighing 2.62 carats total weight and measuring 14 X 4 mm, are top of the line with superb baguette cuts, excellent clarity and electric flashes of neon color.

The necklace is made of 14K yellow gold with a beautiful flowing gold patterned pendant that dangles from a 3 mm round brilliant cut diamond that is bright, white, brilliant and SI1 H rated. The pendant measures 64 mm in length (21/5) and 50 mm in width (2).

In total the necklace has 4.37 carats of fine quality gemstones and an 18 chain (pendant adds additional length).


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