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Burma Pink Star Sapphire-11.47 Cts-13.7x11.8mm-AGTA Certified special

You don't find many star sapphires like this awesome pink star from Burma. A picture perfect 6 point star on a translucent body and a radiant pink color. Certified by the AGTA as a natural pink star sapphire. This star was heat treated before cabbing to approximately 1,000 C (1,850 F).

This treatment removes a characteristic bluish color from the stone. This does not cause the red color to get darker, but when purplish star rubies are heated they often become a more pure red. However, when temperatures exceed 1,300 C (2,370 F), the silk inclusions that cause the star are altered, causing the star to disappear, so as you can understand heat treating a natural star sapphire is an art form itself.




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